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Progress Cards: A review and Giveaway!

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I have a five year old.

If you've ever had a five year old you understand.  Their emotions are raw and they don't really understand them.  Their daily routines are drastically altered by the start of schooling.  Their friendship ties are broken with the ending of preschool, and new friendships are being formed.  Five is HARD!

I can imagine I am not the only one who's ever struggled with five.  I don't know the words to say or the things to do to make five easier for my little girl.  I think it's as hard on me as it is on her!  I've read book after book, I've tried making sticker charts, I've used a marble jar, I've promised trips to grandma's house...and still behavior is pretty...well...rough at our house.  I've been willing to try just about anything these last few weeks!

The other day, I got an email from a man named Scott Ertl.  Scott is an elementary school counselor who has devoted himself to, among other things, making it easier for parents and teachers to develop positive behaviors in children!  He's been working since 2002 to develop his unique set of Progress Cards for elementary school children.  Scott offered to let me review his cards for free!  Thank you so much, Scott...your cards couldn't have come at a more appropriate time!

We've been working hard at our house on specific issues, like morning routines, evening routines, making friends, getting along with siblings, respectful behavior, etc.  Scott has cards for all of these and more!  In fact, he has 60 cards for different parts of "behavior." 

Most of Scott's cards are 2 sided.  One side of the card shows a list of ideas for deveoping a certain behavior or trait, and the other side has a check sheet for the child to rate him or herself from 1-10 as to how he or she is doing.  You simply download the set (or individual cards if you'd rather) and print them out! 

We've only just begun to use these cards with our daughter, but I can see that they will be a HUGE help!  She's the kind of kid that needs to see that she's progressing.  I'm using them in two ways.  On one set I am having her help me mark where she is now.  On another set, I will mark each time I see her exhibiting a certain positive behavior.  This will help her to feel like she's getting somewhere!  (And hopefully it will help her show more of the positive behaviors we would like to see!)

I'm super excited about these Progress Cards because I think they may be the answer we've been looking for!  I hope you'll take a look at them and see if they might be a benefit to your family or your classroom!  Scott hopes you'll do that, too.  He's used them and he knows they work, and he'd like you to have that opportunity as well.

Scott has offered each of you, as readers of my review, 2 free cards!  It's easy...just go to and print the Friendship and Sportsmanship cards!  He'd also like you to have a free copy of his progress book:

That's not all!  Scott has offered one of my readers a free complete set of downloadable Progress Cards!  I'll give you 3 chances to win:


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Contest ends December 29, 2010, at 12:00 noon EST. 

I was given progress cards free by their creator to review.


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