Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Innovation...or something like that...

My sister and her kids came over Sunday afternoon to play in the snow.  We had several inches and they were all itching to get back out in the white stuff...and super cold, unplayable weather was predicted for the whole upcoming week. 

We already had the 2T snowpants and pink snowboots out for Noodle from earlier in the week, but Aunt J forgot to bring his mittens!  Since I am having trouble finding mittens at my house anyway, I didn't have a spare pair.  I told Aunt J I did have spare socks he could wear as mittens. 

I layered two pair of sock-mittens on the little guy, and then remembered that as soon as his hands get cold and/or wet, he's ready to come inside.  I hated the idea of him having to come in after a minute or two.  Then I got an idea.

When we were kids, I remember wearing brags in our shoes/boots for added insulation and waterproofing!  Surely we're not the only ones that ever got to wear bags, right?  Anyway, from that memory came this:

Sandwich bags are very versatile!  And "sandwiched" between two socks, they make perfectly warm, waterproof mittens!

Noodle wasn't convinced, though.  He couldn't pull the mittens off with his hands, so he kept using his teeth!

Bugsy loved the mittens SO much he decided he'd rather have sock mittens than his regular mittens.  Silly goose!

And there was a whole lot of this...and some wild, crazy snow fun!  <3


Jen Crum said...

silly boys, I think I have to find a way to buy him some thicker mittens than I can make... without bags

My This N That Life said...

You know, I've been thinking about it, and gloves should totally be made with some sort of plastic filler liner thingy. Especially for kids. Just thinking out loud, there...

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