Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She was amazing.

My Grandma passed away in June of 2007.  Since that time, Santa has put Queen Anne Cordial Cherries in my stocking every Christmas morning because he knows they remind me of Grandma.

(Okay, so Michael does it...but he does it because he knows they remind me of her.)

Yesterday as I sat eating one of those cherries (okay, two of those cherries) I got sentimental.  You probably think I'm crazy, but I pulled out one of the hats Grandma knit and wore it for a few minutes while I ate my cherries.

You see, my Grandma used to knit.  She was amazing.  She was always knitting something, often while Grandpa was watching "the game."  You could go into her livingroom at anytime and you would likely find her knitting a hat for Ben or Joe or Ande.  She might be knitting a baby blanket for Aunt Maribeth's baby or Betsy's baby or a baby from church.  She made gorgeous afghans for my sister and me.  She loved to knit.  God gifted those hands.

She didn't just knit, though.  While she was knitting, she was praying.  You could bet that whoever she was knitting a particular piece for what on her lips and in her heart the entire time.  What an amazing women of faith, love, and prayer she was!

When Grandma passed away I was 7 months pregnant with Bugsy.  True to form, Grandma had just begun knitting his baby blanket.  In fact, when Grandma had a stroke shortly before her death, she had his afghan in her hands. 

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Grandma's mind was on my unborn baby.  She was praying for my little guy.  She didn't know--couldn't have known--how much he'd need it.  But I believe wholeheartedly that God heard each of my Grandma's humble prayers.  It's one of the beliefs that's made the difficult times with our little bug more bearable.  I know that he was prayed up before he was ever born, by Grandma and others.

Oh, to have half the faith my Grandma had.  I miss her.  I love her.  And I'll see her again.  Thanks, Grandma, for always holding us in your heart and in your prayers!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

oh I love this post. I miss my grandmas too and I so wish that they could have met my kids and been grandmothers to them too.

Aunt Maribeth said...

Weepy, weepy, weepy eyes after reading this Elizabeth. I miss them so much, too -- New Years Day is always especially tough. Thanks so much for you sweet words. XOXO

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