Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give It Away Today

I'm a closet giveaway-aholic.  I LOVE giveaways!!  I like the thrill of entering them, whether I actually win anything or not.  (It IS nice to win, though!)

A few weeks ago I came across a facebook page called "Give It Away Today."  The premise is pretty simple...you enter your email on their sign-up page one time and you are entered in ALL their future giveaways!  They decide somewhat arbitrarily when and what they will give away.

The prize for 5000 "likes" on facebook was pretty far away when I signed up.  I think there were about 1500 or so likes.  They had announced that the prize at 5000 would be an iPad.  AN IPAD!  Who wouldn't sign up?  I did!  There was no way I would actually WIN but it's fun to try, right??

Imagine my surprise a little over a week ago when I saw MY NAME as the winner of the iPad!!  I was in shock.  And then I was skeptical.  Because, you know, I totally believe it when someone sends me an email and says I am going to get free DVDs in the mail, or whatever, but an iPad?  Uh uh. 

I did some searching, then.  I searched for the company on Swagbucks.  I looked for reviews.  I even checked the Better Business Bureau.  It looked legit, so when I got their email I sent my address.

And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It was supposed to be delivered yesterday!  UPS said so!  And it wasn't.  I was so bummed and had a few minutes of doubt.  My husband's been teasing me all along about what *might* be in the box.

But today "The Package Man" came!!!  And yes, inside the package is a REAL iPad!  Woohoo!!

Thank you, Give It Away Today!  I already invited all my friends to join, but I'm going to send them a second invite!  YAY!!!


Rob said...

Thanks for the post Elizabeth! It's funny that we have such a hard time explaining that we really are just giving stuff away! We're really happy you are now living proof of it!
We hope you really enjoy the iPad and thanks again for helping us promote the site!!
Rob - GiveItAwayToday.com

kbilley said...

I hope to be one of the next Give it Away Today winners! Congratulations, ELizabeth.

claudeabgood said...

Me Too Elizabeth!!!

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