Monday, January 10, 2011

Marco Polo -- A Revelation

A turtle tent in my livingroom has been prime entertainment for 3 hours now.

It's currently being used as a movie theater

but it's also been host to such games as "duck duck goose" and "throw the puppy."

No matter what they've been up to in there, they've had a great time!

My favorite "event" of the afternoon, though, was a little game they called "Isaac."  I was too busy marveling at the game to take any pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  Here's the premise of the game: one person goes into the tent and begins yelling "I" to which the others, on the outside, respond "Saac!" as they run around the house looking for a hiding spot.  At some random time (or at least it seemed that way to me) the one in the tent would emerge.  He or she would continue to yell "I" while searching for the now hiding "saac"ers.  Occasionally the "I"er would yell, "Is anyone in the hallway?" and everyone else would respond, "No!"

Can you see why I was so fascinated?  These kids, totally on their own, created a little kid version of "Marco Polo!"  I just watched in amazement as they played this way for over half an hour.  (Part of the amazement was that they made up the game at all...the other part was that they played for over half an hour!)

As I watched the game unfold, I couldn't help but wonder what it is about the game that is SO ingrained in each of us that these little kids, ages 2-5, could create and all understand this game that WE played when we were teenagers.  Someone had to teach it to us! 

But then, maybe they didn't have to teach us.  Because see, here's my take on the situation.  We spend much of our lives playing "Marco Polo" or, as the kids were playing, "I-saac."  It goes something like this:

"Hey Elizabeth!"

While running, "Yes, God, I'm right over here!" 

"Hey Elizabeth!"

"I'm right over here, God!  Come find me!"

"Hey Elizabeth!"

"Can't you find me, God?  I'm right here, hiding behind my!"

"Hey, Elizabeth!  Are you walking outside of my will?  You know you're not supposed to do that."

"Well, of course not, God!  I wouldn't get out of line!"

"Hey Elizabeth!"

"Yes God?"

"I found you.  I've known where you were the whole time.  Won't you come back to the tent with me?"

That's right.  I think sometimes we have a Marco Polo relationship with God!  Wow.  Guess what, though.  We can't hide from him.  Just like when the kids were "hiding" under the kitchen table, or as kids WE were "hiding" at the other end of the swimming pool, we can't hide from Him.  He always knows where we are!  We can try to run from him.  We can try to swim to the other end or run and hide behind a chair, but he STILL knows where we are.

How fortunate that we have a God who never loses track of us!  How blessed that we have a God who loves us enough that he'll seek us out even when we do try to run! 

Thank you, Lord, for being steadfast!


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