Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're having pizza rolls for dinner.

I know, healthy, right? Just for the record, we're having chicken fingers, too. I intended to make sweet potato fries, but Michael got home and wanted pizza rolls. I gotta say, I love that man!

I didn't think anything of it until I turned around and saw his orange soda on the table, and then I laughed. "We should have had spaghetti-o's, Michael!"

You see, Michael started classes tonight. He's got about a dozen classes to take to earn a second degree, one which he's long felt he should complete. I'm as happy to be by his side this time around as I was 11 1/2 years ago when we started this journey together the first time around!

Anyway, back when we were kids and starting college, we made our steady diet of pizza rolls, spaghetti-o's, pop tarts, and sunkist orange. (We also had time to hit the gym on a very regular basis back then!) So tonight's pizza rolls and orange soda got me reminiscing.

You might not know this, but I'm a closet romantic. Would you believe that one night, after Michael had had a particularly rough test, I surprised him with a "romantic" dinner in my dorm room? That's right...canned spaghetti and fast food breadsticks served on paper plates and a milk crate "table." I remember I got lost in the tunnels (those of you who attended my Alma mater might understand) and was afraid I wouldn't make it back in time to greet him!

Isn't it funny how back then a "romantic" night out cost less than $10, and these days we feel like we have to go to a nice restaurant an hour away and spend easily 4-5 times that?

We had some great times back then, when we were young and didn't care about much other than getting to class on time...and sometimes not even that! But wow...how much different it is now! Now we have kids and jobs and a mortgage and...and...and...

And we have SO many more reasons to enjoy these years!

Tonight began a new journey for all of us. For the next two years, he'll be a full-time employee, a full-time dad, a part-time pastor, and as full-time of a student as his schedule will allow. At the same time, I've instantly become full-time mom AND dad along with my other responsibilities.

I'm praising God tonight that this is just for a season. I'm thanking Him for the desires he's put into both of our hearts and that we've got each other to lean on along the way. The next two years terrifies me in so many ways, but I know we'll all be better off because we make it through!

Thank you, in advance,to those of you who will come alongside us these next two years! We will need you more than you know, and will appreciate you more than we'll ever be able to express!


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