Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pick and Draw Review

You'll remember that a couple weeks ago I was sent the game Pick and Draw to review.

We have been playing this super fun game a LOT!  It's definitely a favorite right now!  Little Lou (I promise I'm done changing her name now!), our 5-year-old, absolutely loves the game.  She asks to take it with us when we go to anyone's house.  :)  Bugsy likes it too, even though he's just 3 and doesn't draw as well as his big sister just yet. 

The day we got Pick and Draw in the mail I couldn't wait to try it out!  I really wanted to drop everything and go pick up Little Lou from school so we could play right away, but I didn't figure that was a good excuse.  (Can you imagine that phone conversation?  "Um, yes, I will be picking Little Lou up from school early today because have a new card game at home I can't wait to play...")  I was so glad she didn't have homework that night!

We got it out right away and it kept 2 five year olds and the 3 year old entertained for over an hour!  (The 2 year old didn't stay interested nearly as long.)  The premise of the game is so simple.  You have 5 cards, each representing a different part of the face. 

You flip them over one card at a time and draw what you see!

We love drawing the pictures and comparing them to see what we draw the same and different.  

It's really fun to see what kids at different ability levels will do with their pictures.  The pictures above were done by myself and the 5-year-olds.  The ones below are drawn by myself and a 2 year old and a 3 year old:

Even though they all draw at different levels, they all love playing!

Little Lou insisted on taking Pick and Draw to dinner with Nana and Poppy the night we got it.  She also told Mammaw and Pappaw all about it just yesterday, but we ran out of time to play it.  She LOVES the game!

This morning I had an unscheduled "adventure" with the 1st-6th graders at church.  We're talking about Samson this month.  Samson was super strong until Delilah cut his hair!  We started our lesson by playing 3 rounds of Pick and Draw!  We drew our characters and then compared and contrasted them.  Then we discussed how God made us all similar and different, which led nicely into talking about gifts God's given each of us.  It was a smooth transition, then, to talk about the strength that God gave Samson!  I can see that we could apply this game to so so so many different Bible stories!  The kids really enjoyed the game!  They were sad when we ran out of time to play again at the end.

One of my favorite aspects of the game itself is that there are SO many shapes involved!  What an excellent way to help instill not only shape recognition, but also the pre-writing skills associated with drawing different shapes!  As a reformed preschool teacher, this really appeals to me!  There's also a huge aspect of following directions involved.

I would highly recommend Pick and Draw to anyone with kids of just about any age as well as to teachers, particularly of children pre-k through elementary age!  The kids love it and it is so very beneficial!

Oh...and about that surprise I promised to tell you about...Rich Davis, the creator of Pick and Draw, adds a special treat on the very back card of the pack.  He shares about Christ to all of his players!  What an amazing way to give testimony and ensure that all who play Pick and Draw have a chance to hear the truth!

Thank you, Rich Davis, for creating such a fun and educational game...and for being an excellent witness!


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