Monday, January 24, 2011

One Hundred

The number of days Little Lou has been in kindergarten.
The number of items she needed to put in a display for school.
The number of craft feathers stuck to posterboard.
The number of craft feathers that graced my kitchen floor.
The number of new gray hairs I have after cleaning feathers from the table and floor and...
The number of hugs Little Lou deserves for an awesome project!

It's become a tradition at elementary schools across the country for kindergarteners to have "100 days of school" celebrations.  In many of those classrooms, students are given the task of choosing a way to display 100 of something.  In Little Lou's classroom, there were no other parameters.  

A paper was sent home with examples from last year, to give parents an idea.  I showed them to Little Lou, who promptly choose which of THOSE projects she wanted to do.  I told her we needed to think of our own, and she immediately popped out a doozy!

What would YOU do with an economy-sized bag of colored feathers, 

The most gigantic googly eyes Hobby Lobby has to offer,

And a ridiculously expensive bottle of rubber cement?

 If you were Little Lou, these would be the ingredients for a PERFECT 100-feather chicken!

(If you were me, you'd be trying your hand at drawing chickens on posterboard.)

 It takes a LOT of rubber cement to glue 100 feathers to a chicken!

 Sorry, Poppy...I didn't teach Little Lou to make boogers.  I told her we can take the rubber cement to your house and you can teach her!

Check out Little Lou's artwork!

 She was so excited...and super proud!  It was worth staying up a little past bedtime to make the most amazing posterboard chicken she could imagine! 

(I'm just hoping all the feathers stayed on that silly chicken while she walked it into class today!)


Melissa said...

that is SO cool... even my husband thought so, and that's saying something :)

Elizabeth said...

Aw, thanks! It was totally her idea. (The money and artistry were mine...but most of the "hard" work she did on her own.) She had a lot of fun!

Lisa said...

Love that rainbow chicken. Are you going to frame it?

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