Saturday, March 12, 2011

I NEED the break!

I just got out of bed.

That's right.  On a Saturday morning, I didn't wake up until 8:30!  Amazing!  I can't tell you how much I needed that glorious 10 hours of sleep!  The few times I did wake up, I forced myself to keep my eyes closed.  I didn't even check to see if it was nearly morning.  I can't tell you if it was light outside.  It might have been.  I didn't care!  Even the dog slept until 8:30!

My kids are at Mammaw's house for the weekend.  Yep.  All of them.  Even Stinky.  

I'm used to the big kids being gone.  I have enjoyed the breaks when they've been gone.  Even mommies...especially mommies...need breaks now and then!  But Stinky?  Stinky's never left mommy's side for more than a couple hours!  (Other than naptime, when he's been taking one amazing 3 1/2 hour nap each day.)  I'm sure he's living it up, being pampered and spoiled by Mammaw and Pappaw and the big cousins.  (My understanding is that she had seven kids overnight last night!  Bet SHE didn't sleep until 8:30!)

Mommy, however, woke up and walked by his open door and got a little sad.

You see, as much as I need the break, this is his first time.  And it's a LONG time!  Two nights...what was I thinking?!  What do I do without my little Stinker for two nights in a row?  Who do I snuggle first thing in the morning?  Who do I chase after with a washrag all day?  Whose nose do I wipe?  What do I DO??

Truthfully, I think Stinky's a little young.  I never would have sent the others overnight at 12 months.  I wouldn't have sent Stinky yet, either.  I think that's part of my sadness.  But in just a couple months...3 short, short, months, Stinky and Little Lou will be spending an entire week at Mammaw's.  I need to prepare both of us.  We'll both make it, I know.  And we'll both be so busy doing the things we're doing that we will hardly notice how much we miss each other (I hope)!

In a little over 3 months, though, Bugsy's having surgery.  We're anticipating a week, or at least most of a week, in the hospital.  They kind of frown on baby brothers hanging around at times like that!  And so we made the decision, as hard as it is for mommy, that Stinky and Little Lou will spend an entire week away.  It'll be just me and Daddy taking care of the Bug.  He'll need our care and attention...but I can't promise that attention won't be undivided.  

Even now, after just 16 hours apart, I want to call and check on the little Stinker.  I miss him.  I need the break.  I NEED the break.  I've never needed it so badly!  But I miss him desperately.  I'll be so happy to have him back tomorrow!

For now, though, I will get off my backside and clean my house.  I'll go to the grocery in a bit, uninhibited by children, whether they're with me or at home waiting for me.  I'll eat a hot lunch...probably not "kid-friendly."  I'll cook a delicious dinner and have friends over.  I'll bask in the glory of this mini-vacation.

Oh...and I did just text Mammaw.  

I couldn't help it.  He's doing great.  So I suppose I should too!


Jen Crum said...

8:30? Jerk... suppose she wants my kids too next time?

Elizabeth said...

Lol...I don't think I've slept until 8:30 since...wait, when was Hannah born again??

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