Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stinky's ONE!

I'm sure this was yesterday.  My 7 pound, 19 inch little bundle of squishy love, all wrapped up in hospital swaddling clothes, wanting nothing but to be nuzzled up next to mommy.  Yep.  That was yesterday.

But it couldn't have been.  Because this was yesterday.

That's right.  He's one now.  ONE!  I really, truly can not believe how quickly this year has flown by!  I was planning to do a year in pictures, but for tonight I will just show you a bit of our party.  Hopefully in the next few days I will find the time to sit down and sort through the thousands...yes, thousands...of pictures I have taken in the last year.  Until then, please enjoy sharing in Stinky's 1st birthday bash with us!

Our good friend Dawn made this awesome cake!  She used these cute little cars as the inspiration...and we chose the cars because Mammaw was getting some for him as well!  Stinky LOVES cars!

 Stinky probably wasn't intended to eat the whole birthday boy cake...but he LOVED it!

 This is my absolute favorite pic of the day!  Look at that goofball!  And the outfit is on its third owner.  A good cranio-friend made it for her sweetie-pie Q when he was turning 1.  She sent it to me for Bugsy...and now it's made it to Stinky! 

Poor Doodle.  He didn't stand a chance!

 Stinky knew what to do with the cake right away!

 It wasn't long before he was eating fist-fulls!

 Getting a little dopey from all the sugar!

 This is GOOD!

 Want some, Mommy?

 Tail-end of the cake eating extravaganza.  Get a look at those baby blues!  This is my second favorite for the day!

 I didn't let Stinky open his presents until he was officially 1, at 3:11.  I know, I know, mean mommy!

 Where's the present??

 I am NOT kidding when I tell you that this soap is the present by which he's STILL the most fascinated!

 All the kids, checking out the loot.

 "Don't worry, Car!  You're next!  Here, I'll help you get there!"

Thanks for looking at Stinky's birthday pictures.  We had a blast and wish we could have invited all of you!


Emma Major said...

what gorgeous photos and lovely memories, thanks for sharing

I am a new follower linked from Tail Spin Hop, lovely to meet you.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I'll hop over there and follow you back!

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow?

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