Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reflo Cups - Review

Reflo cups.  Have you seen them?  

Reflo cups are a really neat concept.  They're toddler-sized open cups, with a nifty insert that controls the flow of liquid!  Each cup holds up to 6 ounces of your child's favorite liquid, and when tipped for drinking, the Reflo cup allows only a trickle of liquid to be released at a time.  This is a very neat concept, and I LOVE these cups, especially for older toddlers who are drinking fairly well from an open cup but need the flow control.

Stinky's 12 months old, though, and I think he's a little young.  You see, he's just learning to sip from an open cup.  I love that this cup shows him that, with a cup, you can't just pour into your mouth because the liquid will, in fact, pour down the front of your shirt.

(This is actually my nephew, Crackers.)

We just use this cup for water, at this point, since Stinky's not an experienced open cup drinker yet.  AND, we use it on the floor.  We learned early on that one of the GREAT features of this cup can also be a downfall.  You see, the insert is designed in such a way that, should it get stuck, you can turn the cup upside down, thump it in the kitchen sink, and the insert pops out!  That's a brilliant idea...but my Stinky is a thrower.  He LOVES to throw things from the high chair.  In fact, if there were a high chair throwing contest, he'd win every time.  When he threw the Reflo cup from his high chair, in conveniently landed, with a thump, right on its top.  Insert dislodged, the contents soaked the floor!  Lesson learned.  Until Stinky is threw the throwing stage, we use it at a safer height!

All in all, I like the Reflo cup, and so does Stinky!

I would recommend the Reflo cup to anyone with a toddler learning to drink from an open cup!  (Just be forewarned it may be messy until they get good at it!)  You can buy them here for just $7.99 a cup!  AND until the end of March, Reflo is offering free shipping on all orders over $10!  

I was given this product for review, but was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

These reflo cup are fantastic. I use them with my 3 toddlers all the time.

Unknown said...

I love reflo cups- they stop the flow well enough for me to not have to keep wiping up the floor! And my son feels like a big boy=) Love the blog!

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