Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tune in Tuesday - Birthday Party Wrap-up!

Holy Moley!  Has anyone else's day been as crazy as mine?  No?  Well be glad!

As I write this wrap-up, I have a plethora of children scattered about my house, supposedly napping.  (None of them are.)  I've got Noodle, my sister's boy, today...and adding an "extra" to the mix always changes things anyway!  AND I got a call from Little Lou's school this morning.  She is sick and needed to be picked up asap.  (Of course, on a day when I already have too many kids for carseats and can't possibly come!)  So, thankfully, Daddy was able to leave work and pick her up.  He stopped in just long enough to call the garage door repairmen...who will be stopping by in half an hour or so.  While the kids are supposed to be napping.  With all their tools and noise and what-not.  Mm-Hmm.  This day is INSANE!

So, without further adieu, THE WINNERS!!!!

First off, the Snappi!  Out of 102 entries: #34!  K. Camille Stevens You are the winner!
MonkiSee DVDs!  LOVE these!  #80!  You're going to have fun, shiloh!
ittibitti.us is one of my FAVORITE diapers!  You're going to love them too, Claude (#223)!
And finally, Lillebaby Nordic!  Several of you REALLY want this!  I hope you enjoy it, Kimberly (#42)!  Enjoy!

I will be emailing all of you shortly!  (I have to take care of a little garage cleaning first, so the repairmen can get in there!)  Congrats to all!! 


leslie jo said...

congrats winners

Mizzreviewlady said...

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