Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1

Today is November 1.  The dawn of Thanksgiving month.  The last few years I've seen bloggers and friends on various social mediums announcing daily the things for which they're most thankful.  I've graciously declined their suggestions at joining.  This year, though, I have a lot for which to be thankful.  A lot.  Some days I forget just how blessed I am.  So this year I'm jumping on the band wagon.  I'm going to tell you the things I'm appreciating the very most.  They may not always seem like the "traditional" things.  But they're real and they're mine.

Tonight as I sit here with an ice pack strapped to my hip, clenching my teeth through occasional stabs of pain, I am thankful for the medication in the injection that is causing that pain.  The medication that causes a painful red welt for a brief time each evening, but will hopefully ensure a "normal" life for me and for my family.  The pain is brief and sometimes severe, but when I see those little faces sleeping peacefully in their beds later this evening, I'll know it's worth it.  Every time.

Thank you, Lord, for giving scientists the desire and the ability to create medications to treat and cure illnesses.  Thank you for doctors with wisdom to diagnose.  And thank you for the patience of my family as we all navigate these waters together!


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