Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 24

Brussels sprouts.  

Yep, you read that right.  Today I am thankful for Brussels sprouts.   Sweet potatoes.  Carrots.  Corn.  Potatoes.  Broccoli.  Turkey.  The bounties of our Thanksgiving table today!

More than the food, though (although those brussel sprouts get me EVERY time), I am thankful for the relationships that grow around that table.  I am so thankful for family that gathers at every holiday, usually around a table to food.  With or without that food, though, I would be equally as thankful, not only for the companionship of my family, but for the legacy my grandparents left and that I am honored to be able to share with my own children.

I am thankful for my aunt who hosted Thanksgiving today...and also hosted a pre-Thanksgiving "Girls Rule" sleepover at her house last night for two 6-year-old girls and two 7-year-old girls!  I'm so thankful my kids are able to build friendships with their cousins! 

I am thankful for the many hands that had a part in preparing today's meal.

I am equally as thankful for all of you family members who couldn't make it today!  I missed each of you dearly!

Dear Lord, thank you so much for a loving, giving family.  Thank you for a day to celebrate the things and relationships with which we've been truly blessed!  I will be forever grateful for a legacy of love, not only for family but for our God as well.  Thank you for blessing me continuously!

(For the record, I thought they were Brussel sprouts!  That got red-lined.  You learn something new every day!)


caedmen said...

This warms my heart:) Thanks for the post!

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