Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6

Today is Sunday, November 6.  Today I'm especially thankful for this girl:

My friend Lindsay.  

(Sorry, Linds, I stole this picture from your facebook page because I LOVE it!)

She's one of "those" friends.  You know the type.  You probably have a few.  (I know I have a few!)  You know...the kind that you grew up with.  The kind you made all sorts of trouble with.  The kind you live (sorta) far from now, but still stay in contact (thank you internet!) and make vows to go amazing places for long weekends together.  You see, Lindsay and I were a dynamic duo a million years ago.  Here, you can see us in "action:"

That's me there in the front...big cheesy smile, skinny arms, long hair...I guess I still have long hair...  And if you look really closely, you can see Lindsy in the background having a little convo with a mutual ex-boyfriend.  (I'm guessing he was probably her boyfriend in this particular picture.)  Yep, Linds...I stole THIS one from you fb page too.  :)

You see, Lindsay is the kind of friend with whom you learn all of life's most important lessons.  For instance, you're not supposed to the grocery store at 10pm.  You knew?  And two teenagers don't easily fit simultaneously through the sunroof of a small car.  You didn't know that?  You do now.  She's also the kind of friend with whom you swap boyfriends (time and time again) as a teenager.  It's a wonder we're still friends!  

She's also the kind of friend that writes an awesome blog about how amazing it is to be a stay at home mom and makes me jealous.  I mean, seriously?  I haven't read the classics to my kids.  (I mean...shoot, her 5 year old has heard the Odyssey?!?  I am falling behind in the reading category!)  AND she's the kind of friend that doesn't always have good days, despite the giddy, flowery, everything's wonderful blog facade, I can see right through that crazy girl and get the "real" story out of her.  

And she's the kind of girl I miss desperately.  Today more than most days...because today's Lindsay's 30th birthday!  Happy birthday, Lindsay!  I wish I could be a part of your birthday weekend.  I'm glad God made you!

Dear Lord, thank you for strong friendships that weather the span of time.  Thank you for kindred spirits and happy memories.  You made us to be in relationships and I am so thankful for that!  Thanks especially, for my friend Lindsay and the example (and laughs) she gives me.


Linds said...

Thank you so much for your blog my dear, dear friend. I love you so much! This was such a wonderful gift for my Birthday! I thank God for YOU too :)

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