Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Go Green Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway

Do you have a favorite cloth diaper?  You know, a go-to diaper that you reach for very first every time diapers are clean?  I do...and then I don't...and then I do...  You get it.  You see, the thing is, every time I get a new diaper, with new features, it's super awesome and it's my favorite EVER, even if just for a day.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages, their highs and lows.  Most of them serve their purpose well, some better than others, some not.  But they're ALL my favorite, for a little while.

The Scoop

One diaper that's made it into my rotation fairly recently and stayed there for several weeks is the GoGreen Champ.  

GoGreen Pocket Diapers is a great company that sells, well, pocket diapers!  (They sell accessories, too, like wet bags, wipes, and the brand new adapt-a-snap.)  GoGreen sent a Cherry Champ and an adapt-a-snap for review!

The Good

The snaps.  The snaps of the Champ from GoGreen are color-coded.  I really like that!  I get confused on some diapers about which set of snaps I should use, but it's easy with the GoGreen Champ!  I know the hip snap always goes on orange and tab snaps always go on blue.  I hope he never grows, because I'll have to figure it out again!

The size.  Stinky has TONS of room to grow!  He wears the Champ on the highest rise, but he could definitely use the middle rise.  I just like to put him on the highest rise in most diapers for my own sanity.  He's also still got another hip snap, and even if he gets too big for that, he's got 3 more sets of tab diapers!  I really like that.  I am confident that a very small baby could also wear the GoGreen Champ, even though I don't have a tiny baby to try it on.

The adapt-a-snap.  This thing ROCKS!  I typically use snaps instead of velcro.  I like that adapt-a-snap gives me the option!  You just snap the adapters onto the diaper and it becomes a velcro diaper!  I was very surprised to find I like the velcro on the GoGreen Champ.  I was able to customize the diaper so well with the velcro!  I also liked that I could take the velcro off the diaper so there are no annoying diaper chains in my laundry.  The velcro doesn't wear out, either, because it's not being washed every time it's used.  I really think the Champ with the adapt-a-snap is the best of both worlds!

No leaks!  I'll admit, I don't typically use the insert that came with the GoGreen Champ.  I used it the first few times and it worked great.  I'm just not a big fan of microfiber.  As a result of the flats and handwashing challenge, I found that I LOVE flats!  I often use the GoGreen Champ as a cover for a flat.  I have never had a single leak, whether I've used it as a pocket diaper with the GoGreen insert or with a flat.

 (Yes, even when he gets up and waddles away before I can finish dressing him, he gets away leak free!)

The price.  These bad boys are fantastic and won't break the bank!  At just $16 for a OS pocket diaper, you can easily buy 3-4 (at least!) for the price you'd pay in a month for disposables!

The Bad

The insert.  Because it's microfiber.  It's a personal thing.  It works well, I'm just not a fan of microfiber.

Gussets.  This may be silly since I've already told you I've never had a leak, but I wish the GoGreen Champ had double gussets.  I just think that, if he were a tiny baby with newborn poop, he'd be a lot more likely to leak and I like the security of a double gusset.

The Outcome

I really like the GoGreen Champ!  It's in my regular rotation and it's going to stay there!  (Actually, it's in my diaper pail right now.)  GoGreen is a great diaper, especially for the price!

The Giveaway

GoGreen Pocket Diapers has generously agreed to give one of my lucky readers a GoGreen Champ (your choice of boy/girl/neutral) AND an adapt-a-snap (choice of black or white)!  Someone's going to be very very happy!  Simply use the rafflecopter form below to enter!

I was given this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


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The adapt a snap is cool!

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I'd love the Olive Champ!

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Samantha Pierce said...

This is not related to the giveaway! But...
Ont he website it shows the Champs have double gussets, but in your review you say that they don't. Just pointing that out, but did they send you the wrong diaper for review?

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