Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All For Love Valentine's Event!!

I hear you all LOVE giveaway events!  Is that true?  Because I love participating in giveaway events!  (I did that last one, anyway.  It was a blast!)

Would you like the chance to win tons and tons of prizes, each worth at least $25?  Real Mom Reviews & Mama Chocolate have teamed up to bring us a love (and of course gift) filled Valentine’s Day blog hop! I don't know how many there will be... but 24 bloggers have already signed up and the linky just went active today!  There will be lots of prizes!

I bet some of them will be chocolate.  I'm sure some of them will be red.  I can almost guarantee they'll be things the participating bloggers love!

So I'm saying we here at My This N That Life outta get in on all that lovin', don't you think?  I'm voting we join in on the Valentine's fun!  Who's with me?

Get excited!  Coming February 1-7, tons of bloggers will go live with this amazing giveaway event, full of awesome prizes!  We're going to join them!  Get your clicking fingers ready!  February is sooner than you might think!


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