Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2

Today I am thankful for therapists.  You know, the kind that help our munchkins catch up when they have a rougher-than-normal start to life. 

Bugsy spent about a year and a half in speech therapy and 3 years in both physical and occupational therapies.  Other than his head still being shaped a little differently than normal and that pesky ear-to-ear scar that you don't see unless his hair is messy, you'd never know that 4 years ago his physical therapist decided for herself that he'd probably never walk.  (She never told us...until he was walking.  I am thankful for that, too!)  You'd never know that he couldn't chew food until he was over 2, or that at a year and a half old he was just beginning to make sounds.  You'd never know.  Thanks, Jo, Laura, Kathy, and Meredith!  I am forever grateful for the change you helped to make in my LittleMan!

Stinky is in speech therapy now.  He's talking.  A lot.  But just 4 months ago, he had no words at all.  He was 17 months old and didn't even say "mama" yet.  Now?  Now I'm "Mommy."  This morning, at 5am, he told me "yuck" because he couldn't figure out how to get out of his bed.  He can tell me what a dog, a cat, and a cow say!  And he's starting to point to body parts.  I have a feeling our therapy journey has nearly come to an end for him, praise the Lord!  Thank you, Brynn, for being his buddy!

Dear Lord, thank you for connecting us with just the right resources and people at exactly the right times so that our boys can thrive!  Your provisions, although they shouldn't, never cease to amaze me!  I stand in awe of You!


Jen Crum said...

Hoorah for First Steps! I plan on not needing their help with #3.. but well, I know it doesn't always work that way.

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