Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 17

"Do I look exactly like Daddy?"


He's tender-hearted.  He's compassionate.  He's got a zest for life unlike any other.  He's always up for a laugh. He's a lady charmer.  He loves hugs and kisses.  He wrestles with his little brother.  He loves to play dress up and carries bugs in his pockets.  He'll tell you the only thing cooler than he is is slugs.  He loves to drink milk, white or chocolate.  He's allergic to berries.  He loves to bag groceries and carry them into the house!  He rarely has a tantrum.  He's calm and quiet.  He'll swing in the backyard, by himself, for hours.  He's our social butterfly.

I was reminded of Bugsy's tender-hearted compassion at the grocery store this week.  He wanted to look at the fish, and we had time.  He looked for the sharks and was sad because he couldn't find any.  Then, he sat down on the floor and cried...not because he couldn't find the sharks, but because right there on the bottom row was a goldfish, all alone in a tank.  "That fish is lonely, Mommy."  He cried.  Tears.  Because that fish didn't have any friends or any family.  He sat for a good 4 or 5 minutes talking to that fish, consoling the fish.  My sweet, sweet boy!

Today, I am thankful for you, Bugsy.  My Little Man.  I can't begin to imagine what our lives would be if not for you!!  You've changed our world in so very many ways.  I am so glad God trusted us enough to be your parents!  He knew it was going to be a big job, and I'm surprised sometimes that he decided we could handle it.  You just keep on being the Bug God made you to be, and I'll keep on being the best Mommy I know how!

Dear Lord, thank you for Bugsy!  Life hasn't always been easy with him (or for him) but you've been faithful to bring him (us) through and for that I are forever grateful!  Thank you for making Bugs unique.  Thanks for giving him a kind, compassionate spirit.  Thank you for giving him to me for a time.  I will treasure him and grow him the best I know how.  I will do my best to honor you as his mother!


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