Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8

A month ago today I started a new medication.  I know it was a month ago today because it was the exact same day that I weighed in and announced to all of you that I had lost 42 pounds!  One of the most common side effects of that medication is weight gain.  The nurse that visited my house and taught me about the medication told me that it's very common for patients to gain 5-10 pounds in the first WEEK of being on the medication, and then up to 5 pounds a month thereafter!  This terrifies me, because as you know I've worked pretty hard to take off over 40 pounds and the last thing I want to do it pile it all right back on because of some stupid medicine.  I decided right then and there that I was determined NOT to join that statistic!

Today, then, I am thankful for LeanGreenMama.  In case you haven't been around long, 5 months ago I set out on a journey with LeanGreenMama.  I promised to stick to her 6 week bootcamp for...well, 6 weeks, and tell my readers how well it did (or didn't) work.  The plan worked SO well that I've stuck with it for 5 months now!

I'm thankful for LeanGreenMama this month, especially, because I have not gained the 5-15 pounds that the nurse told me was almost inevitable!  Hooray!  I gained 3 pounds that first week.  It scared me.  I got even more strict about my eating.  I fought those pounds.  I lost 5 pounds!  And then I gained 4 pounds.  As you can see, it's been a bit of a yo-yo month.  Normally I would be terribly frustrated about this, because as you all know women don't like the yo-yo-ing.  But friends?  I am so very thankful to LeanGreenMama for showing me how to eat for life, rather than leading me into another diet.  Because of your encouragement and support, I've been able to essential maintain my 40 pound loss (yes, I'm currently sitting at 40 pounds down) rather than gaining as anticipated!  I'm working on finding some ways to amp up my exercise, so that I can begin, once again, losing and reach my goals!

Dear Lord, thank you for modern medicine.  Thank you for the benefits, which far outweigh the risks!  Thank you for companies and individuals who are will to give of themselves, their time, and their efforts, in order to help others succeed at goals.  Thank you for putting Jennifer from LeanGreenMama in my path at exactly the time I needed her, even though I didn't know yet how vital her role would become.  Thank you, thank you, for always providing!


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